Senior Stage

Welcome to our Senior Stage information section.

Modderfontein Academy's Senior Stage is for students ranging from Grade 10 year through to IGCSE/AS levels and GED (Matric), and is headed by our expert staff specifically trained and experienced to deal with this age. This is an important time in our student's lives and marks the final stage of their academic carreer before venturing into adulthood. 

Our Senior Stage curriculum is ​designed to provide the depth of education needed to develop flexible and adaptable young people with the knowledge and practical skills they need to thrive. Essentially our seniors build firmly on all the experiences and outcomes from the first 3 stages to extend and deepen their learning. There is a continuing emphasis on health and well-being, including physical activity and opportunities for personal achievement, service to others and practical experience to prepare them for the 'real world'. 
We offer extensive support and guidance as our seniors gear up for the next step, whether that is college, university, training or employment. Our small classes allow teachers to provide individual attention to ensure each student reaches their full potential.


Senior Stage Fee Structure

age: monthly fee
IGCSE Level R 6, 850
AS Level R 6, 850
GED R 6, 850

Fee Structure Notes:

Monthly fees include:

Monthly fees exclude:

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